D'Arcy Reynolds

D’Arcy Reynolds is versatile and prolific award-winning composer and pianist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has a keen interest in world music, and her compositions are influenced by North Indian Ragas, South African field recordings, Cuban and Puerto Rican montunos, jazz, tango, and music of the Mexican diaspora. She toured South Africa with the Sontonga Quartet on a Meet the Composer global Connections grant which featured Cloven Dreams in the DVD ‘Inner Landscape’ filmed in Nieu Bethesda at Helene Martin’s Owl House. Click here for the composer’s South Africa Blog.

Her most recent composer residency at 360 Xochi Quetzal in Ajijic, Mexico led to a larger composer residency project in the Lake Chapala region. The new composition draws upon indigenous music, plain song, banda, flamenco, and other musical influences that came to Mexico from Spain, Africa, and Cuba. She will be collaborating with two local indigenous artists, Antonio and Jesus Lopez Vega, whose family has been in the Lake Chapala region for 500 years. The storyline of the piece will include the present-day environmental degradation of the Lake Chapala region and its impact on the indigenous people of the area.

Visit the recordings page to listen to clips of her CD’s, The Past Keeps Changing (awarded the Music Now Recording grant) and her Latin fusion chamber music, Latin Threads. D’Arcy’s CD’s, along with scores of her award-winning music may be purchased or downloaded on the recordings and compositions pages.